Food Service Consultants

Menus will be available monthly at

Lunches are designed to offer students popular menu selections while meeting USDA guidelines for nutrition. All menus have been approved by Registered Dietitian Associates, Inc.

The plate lunch price will be $4.00 for all students. White milk or chocolate milk come with the tray.  Students can also purchase white milk or chocolate milk for an additional fee.

A daily special and alternate entrée for grades 3-8.

An extra entrée will cost $1.75 more.

A special treat will be served on Fridays. 

All lunches include milk.

Food Service Consultants is going cashless. All money sent in has to be put on a meal card. 

CDC guidelines will be followed to keep the children safe. 

Soon, a new meal card system will be available, in which you can add and check funds online.